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  1. Dealership Service Management - New Century - New Responsibilities - New Tools

    BMSH Dealership Service Management - New Century - New Responsibilities - New Tools


    113 essays on the changing role of dealership service managers and how to profit from the new realities of a rapidly changing dealership service market. . .

    In many of today's dealership service departments, service managers are being called on to close the profit gap resulting from less than robust new vehicle sales.
    Gone are the days when new car get-readies and warranty work could be counted on to keep your service writers and technicians busy all day.
    Dealers are increasingly calling on their service managers to produce new ideas and solutions.
    And many savvy service managers are learning and applying new management skills to achieve the goals sought by their dealers. This collection of 113 essays examines those solutions and how you can employ them in your service department.
    This 180+ page manual provides 113 essays focused on new strategies that can help your service department transform itself to capture new business and new profits. Just take a quick look at the Table of Contents:
    Chap. 1 - New Systems and New Technologies
               (21 essays)
    Chap. 2 - Making Service More Customer Friendly 
               (14 essays)
    Chap. 3 - Command and Control - Managing People 
               (30 essays)
    Chap. 4 - Pay Plans - Motivating and Paying for Performance 
               (14 essays)
    Chap. 5 - The Service Manager as Business Analyst 
               (22 essays)
    Chap. 6 - Public Relations - Communicating Your Value Story 
               (22 essays)
    Learn More
  2. Jeff Sacks' Dealership Pay Plans That Work

    Jeff Sacks' Dealership Pay Plans That Work

    Regular Price: $495.00

    Special Discount Price: $395.00


    Put the right pay formula or plan in place to improve your business model and results.
    Consider employing pay plans that :
    -- Reduce inter-department conflict
    -- Elevate personnel productivity
    -- Improve customer retention

    Consider changing vertically designed pay plans into more functional horizontal pay plans!

    This 100+ Page Guide contains hundreds of Sample Pay Plans, indexed by dealership department and profit center.

    Pay Plan Samples and Jeff Sacks' commentary Indexed for:

    -- Variable/Sales Department Managers
    -- Fixed Operations Department Managers
    -- Sales Consultants
    -- Service Advisors and Technicians
    -- Non-Management Parts Personnel
    -- Accounting Staff
    -- … and more!


    About Jeff Sacks:
    Jeff Sacks is considered one of the premier experts in dealership operations with a 30+ year career that warrants the high regard he’s held in.

    Jeff immigrated to the United States in 1977 and immersed himself in the world of car dealership operations. He gained a degree in accounting and one in business finance, and together with his ‘in the seat’ practical experience, he carved out an enviably unique insight into dealership operations that has helped many clients across the global automotive industry.

    After gaining first-hand experience in a variety of dealerships, Jeff established Jeff Sacks & Associates, a consulting company dealing with the specific needs of his automotive clients. Years later, he created and facilitated the General Manager’s Bootcamp. In 2009, Jeff returned to his roots as operating President with Jeff Sacks & Associates (Jeff Sacks Auto) in order to provide customized programs to his clients, including the highly respected General Manager Workshop.

    Jeff’s passion and vision in the industry has made him a sought-after speaker, helping to improve dealership functionality relating to process improvement strategies, asset and expense controls, computer utilization, management information systems and more. Learn More
  3. CLOSEOUT SALE!! For Senior Dealership Managers -  Unlocking Your Full Potential in 2017

    CLOSEOUT SALE!! For Senior Dealership Managers - Unlocking Your Full Potential in 2017

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Discount Price: $149.00

    Available in PDF and Hard Copy Format

    The 2017 Edition Yearbook for Senior Dealership Management Professionals.
    Essays from Workshops Presented Industry Experts Focusing on What is Working for Your Peers from All dealership management positions - Enterprise-Wide Senior Managers, Fixed Operations Managers and Variable Operations Managers.

    1. Zero in on What Your Peers in other dealership management positions are employing for increased efficiencies and bottom line profit growth.
    2. Sharpen and Hone Your Basic, yet critical, Auto Dealership Enterprise Management Skills
    3. 300+ Pages of Essays Drawn from the Content of Recent DealersEdge Workshops as presented by Auto Industry Experts!

    Essays Included in this 300+ Page Collection:


    How to Protect the Value of the Business/Enterprise
    Highlights from Kerrigan's Blue Sky Report
    Strap a Rocket to Your Used Car Department
    Government Agencies Targeting Auto Dealers
    How to Fire Someone Fearlessly… Humanely
    How and Why to Hire Millenials
    New Hiring Technologies & How to Use Them


    Getting More and More Actionable Data From Your DMS
    Turning Balance Sheet Assets Into Hard Cash
    A Fresh Look at Forecasting & Budgeting Basics
    Expense Control - Getting Back to Basics
    New Tax Rules… How & Why of Captive Insurance Company Creation
    Back Office Consolidation for Auto Groups


    How to Protect Against Sudden DMS Price Increases
    How to Choose a CRM - DMS or Other 3rd Party?
    New Technology Useful to Auto Dealerships
    How & Why of Dealership Cyber-Security


    How to Strap a Rocket to Your Service Department
    Business & Financial for Service Managers
    The Service Pricing Challenge - Getting the Right Price
    Service Pricing vs. Value Debate
    7 Essential Service Management Key Indicators
    Re-Engineering the Parts Pricing Matrix
    How to Avoid Parts Physical Inventory Nightmares
    Advanced Body Shop Management


    New Look at Prospecting - How to Bag 1/3 of Future Sales
    Employing Video Presentations in the Sale Process
    How to Use Tablets in Your Selling System
    The How To of Video Walk-Around Demos
    Pay-Per-Click - How to Manage a Successful PPC Campaign
    Magic of Geo-Fencing… Marketing to Customer Smart Phones
    Online Tactics to Maximize CPO Sales
    Recruiting and Keeping the Very Best BDC Reps Learn More

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