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  1. A Business Development Plan for Service & Parts

    DDE3 A Business Development Plan for Service & Parts


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: Richard Owen – ROI Consulting
    Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
    Program Length: 1 hour 41 minutes

    Service and Parts Managers seldom receive any training or guidance on how to think like a business builder. They are typically well-schooled in the administrative and technical functions of getting the job done in their departments, but are almost never taught how to think strategically about how to make the business that you already have the springboard for growth. Richard Owen will be with us on May 20th to lay out a plan for strategic and tactical growth of your service and parts business. Learn how growth-focused business men and women think – and how they put those ideas into action.

    Limited Time Only! For just the cost of one recorded webinar you can get exclusive 90 day access to EVERYTHING DealersEdge has to offer!! Your 90-Day VIP Season Ticket Pass will automatically renew after 90 days at the rate of $298 per quarter unless you contact Member Services at memberservices@dealersedge.com or 800.321.5312 to cancel. There is NO CONTRACT and you can cancel without penalty at any time with no further obligation. Free Shipping on all Domestic Orders! Learn More
  2. Advanced Service & Parts Analysis Using Excel and DMS Data

    DDB4 Advanced Service & Parts Analysis Using Excel and DMS Data


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter:  Rob Campbell  from Mironov, Sloan & Parziale, LLC
    Original Air Date: February 25, 2010
    Program Length: 2 hours 1 minute

    If you are satisfied with the usual service metrics, then this Webinar is not for you.  However, if you are looking for more specific cause and effect data that can help you springboard your service and parts operations to even higher profitability…then you don’t want to miss this session.  Rob Campbell from Mironov, Sloan & Parziale, LLC will join us... to demonstrate how you can dig deeper and get past the often over-simplified ratios and averages.  He will supply sample Excel spreadsheets as well as instruction on how to extract the needed data from your DMS.  If you are ready for an advanced degree in service management,  Let’s dig into the data! Learn More
  3. Case Studies: Service Departments Winning Back 2nd & 3rd Owner Vehicles

    DDI3 Case Studies: Service Departments Winning Back 2nd & 3rd Owner Vehicles


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: Ed Kovalchick
    Original Air Date: September 16, 2010
    Program Length: 1 hour 31 minutes

    Learn what is different about the “corner garage” that keeps customers coming back over and over again as their vehicles age.  Ed Kovalchick is a nationally-known service management trainer and for about 18 months he has devoted almost all of his time studying what makes the corner garage tick.  His findings will amaze you – the average customer comes back 4 times per year producing a 2.7 hour repair order with each visit.  Working on vehicles with an average age of 9 years, parts sales exceed labor. Ed will profile several dealership service departments that have transformed a segment of their shop into The Garage® with some amazing results.  It takes a change of mindset – Ed will show you how you can make it work in your dealership. This can open up a whole new business in service. Learn More
  4. DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game

    BMPN DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game


    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF or Hard Copy Format)

    DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game

    Love 'em or hate 'em, numbers are a critical piece to the Parts management puzzle.
    Simply put, numbers are your detailed score card of what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Master the numbers game and your Parts department will consistently deliver solid profits. Misunderstand or ignore the numbers and your department, and your job, are in serious jeopardy.
    No matter where you are on the "numbers learning curve," you'll want to take a look at this just released guide — DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game. 

    Discover practical ideas to help you:
    • Fine tune your DMS to produce more accurate reports
    • Spot profit opportunities in your financial statements
    • Improve off-the-shelf fill rates and level of service
    • Increase inventory turns and minimize obsolescense
    • Maximize ROI on the dealer's investment in inventory
    • Show your entire Parts team how their efforts affect the dealership's bottom line
    Find out how the magic of numbers management can help you squeeze thousands of additional profit dollars from your parts inventory. Discover:
    • How carefully reviewing financial statements helped one Parts Manager cut costs and increase gross profits by $50,000 a year
    • Proven strategies to improve forecasting on slow moving parts and reduce that idle capital
    • A systematic approach to uncovering and eliminating the root cause of parts obsolescence
    • Where to look when your physical inventory doesn't match what's on the books
    • Two commonly overlooked reports every Parts Manager should use as part of their inventory management routine
    • How properly using receipt codes can help you accuratelymeasure your purchasing performance
    • Techniques for winning the debate over how to handle parts costs on vehicle reconditioning
    • Mike Nicholes' ten question inventory management quiz
    • An exercise guaranteed to help you recapture lost sales postings
    • The 12 most important aspects to parts department management from Lloyd Schiller
    If you're not already convinced, consider this... If the guide helps you better understand even one or two key concepts of Parts management by the numbers then your investment will be returned many times over. Learn More
  5. Professional Inventory Management

    BMMN Professional Inventory Management


    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF or Hard Copy Format)

    This latest publication by Mike Nicholes of Mike Nicholes Capital Management, Inc., contains the latest and most up-to-date guidelines and methodologies for helping the parts department fulfill its #1 mandate: Satisfying technician demand in the service department.

    The Mike Nicholes name and Professional Inventory Management have been synonymous for over 30 years. This manual, is the "must have" guide for any auto dealership parts manager serious about maintaining and improving their inventory management skills.
    Used in Mike's seminars, this manual (and its preceding edition) is valued by parts managers representing every manufacturer. And for anyone who has attended Mike's live seminar sessions, you know that this book is a valued resource, an important instructional, as well as a useful reference guide.

    Special Section on ASR - Automatic Stock Replenishment (GM dealerships read RIM) - and its impact on dealership parts managers and effective inventory controls. This is a "must read" for everyone currently experiencing this quickly evolving change in philosophy. It is important as well for every other parts manager as more and more OEMs are considering similar systems. These new replenishment systems represent the future of inventory management and the sooner you understand and master them the better.

    Auto Dealership Part Management - A Detailed Numbers Game
    That just could be an obvious overstatement - analysis of the stats and reports generated through your DMS and other sources - that is how truly professional parts managers put themselves head and shoulders above their peers. In this manual, Mike Nicholes will demonstrate the strategies, measurements and analysis that can help any parts manager - rookie or seasoned pro. Master the inventory and produce higher bottom line profits. He will demonstrate how simple-to-apply principles of inventory management and analysis of your stats can help you identify and solve hidden inventory problems!

    Simply an "essential tool" for all dealership parts managers! Mike is a genius of parts inventory management. He likes to say that it is not rocket science, but it does take knowledge and understanding - the knowledge and understanding that he communicates very clearly in this manual. Learn More
  6. DealersEdge Comprehensive Parts Department Answer-Guide: Practical Solutions to Today's Most Common Parts Department Challenges

    BMPA DealersEdge Comprehensive Parts Department Answer-Guide: Practical Solutions to Today's Most Common Parts Department Challenges


    from the editors of DealersEdge Parts Manager... 

    DealersEdge Comprehensive
    Parts Department Answer-Guide:
    Practical Solutions to Today's Most Common Parts Department Challenges

    In one resource DealersEdge has combined the answers to nearly every common problem you're likely to encounter in a dealership Parts department. It's an all-in-one, quick answer book to the many challenges we face everyday. The big and small are all tackled in an easy-to-reference Q&A format that's guaranteed to save you time and headaches.

    DealersEdge Comprehensive Parts Department Answer-Guide covers it all - from complex inventory control issues to even the most mundane aspects of the parts management, like pricing and controlling key-cutting services.
You'll also learn management techniques like:
    • Building a system to help you write the perfect purchase order every time
    • Managing people - dealing with late employees and other trouble-makers
    • Inter-department turmoil - What to do when service starts taking parts off RO's
    • How days supply can tell you a lot but still be leading you down the wrong path
    • Putting an end to forced inventory because of special ordered parts
    Learn More
  7. Mastering New-Age Parts Department Management - Chuck Hartlé's cutting edge solutions for better Parts Management in the 21st century

    BMPH Mastering New-Age Parts Department Management - Chuck Hartlé's cutting edge solutions for better Parts Management in the 21st century


    Mastering New-Age
    Parts Department Management
    Chuck Hartlé's cutting edge solutions for better Parts Management in the 21st century

    For the past decade we've had the pleasure of working with Chuck Hartlé, one of the most respected Parts experts in the business. As many of you know, Chuck is recognized as a founder of "new-age" Parts Management. His ideas go beyond traditional approaches to inventory control and focus on maximizing technology to improve Parts profits.

    The DealersEdge editors recently sat down with Chuck and asked him 50 of the toughest questions facing today's Parts Manager. His answers are compiled in an all new resource I think you'll find useful.

    A sneek peek at what you'll find in 120+ idea-packed pages:
    • Inventory Management - It All Starts Here
    • What should I really be looking at to measure parts department performance?
    • Is there a point of diminishing return when trying to fine tune parts inventory?
    • What's the perfect balance of "width" and "depth?"

    • Managment Matters - Parts, People & Profits
    • How can we get parts and service managers to work together more effectively?
    • Are fill rates and level of service performance really under the parts manager's control?
    • What do I do when the financial statement and management reports are at odds?

    • Source Accounting - Technological Solutions for Improving Parts Performance
    • Are there really innovative ways to free frozen capital in my parts inventory?
    • How do I deal with inventory fluctuations when dealing with multiple manufactures?
    • What is Source Matrixing and how can it help me?

    • System Set Up - What's in Your DMS Toolbox?
    • Should I trust the default settings on my system?
    • How do I download a stock order from my DMS?
    • What's the best way to use Price Escalator tables?

    • Building Your Wholesale Parts Business - Identifying Your Market Niche
    • Any suggestions for getting more sales from my existing wholesales parts customers?
    • What can I do to differentiate my wholesale business in a competitive market?
    • Is there any way to turn parts delivery from a cost center into a revenue center?

    • Controllng Obsolescence & Excess Inventory
    • What's the difference between excess and obsolete inventory?
    • How to I get rid of excess inventory without crushing my bottom line?
    • Can you give me a definition of "emergency" purchase that my staff will understand?

    • Nuts & Bolts - Chuck Hartlé on the Future of Dealership Parts Management
    • Do traditional parts return methods make sense?
    • How do I set up a bulk oil or tire program?
    • What is "stock netting" and will it help profits?
    Learn More
  8. 101 Proven Ways to Boost Fixed Operations Profits

    BMFO 101 Proven Ways to Boost Fixed Operations Profits


    Just one idea from this guide will return your investment many times over . . . and you're guaranteed to find more than 100.

    The most successful dealerships never stop looking for new ways to improve their operations. They realize that even a small change, an easy-to-implement suggestion or cost-saving tip can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

    That's why we published 101 Proven Ways to Boost Fixed Operations Profits. It's simply the best collection of tips, tactics and techniques available to boost the bottom line of your parts and service departments.

    Finding the ideas you need is easy. The guide is divided into the subject areas critical to your fixed operations success. You'll find proven, practical ideas to:
    • Generate more service sales
    • Improve customer satisfaction and repeat business
    • Squeeze higher profits from your parts department
    • Manage and motivate employees to focus on what matters most to you
    • Turn new technology and systems into higher revenue at a lower cost
    • Avoid shop safety & environmental compliance problems that can cost you big Learn More
  9. Chuck Hartle’s Parts Inventory Evaluation Tool - Nails Down Overall Dept Performance

    DDK3 Chuck Hartle’s Parts Inventory Evaluation Tool - Nails Down Overall Dept Performance


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: "Parts Guru" Chuck Hartlé of PartsEdge
    Original Air Date: November 18, 2010
    Program Length: 1 hour 58 minutes

    It is time to stop concentrating on all the confusing reports and indicators pumped out by your DMS concerning your parts inventory! In most cases this is pure data over-load. All this measurement is not necessarily bad, but can be confusing and counterproductive. Chuck Hartle' has developed a simple measurement that can tell quickly whether or not your efforts to manage the inventory are effective. Visit with Chuck as he explores and explains his "Purchase-To-Sale Ratio" a measurement that yields the best data for evaluation of your inventory performance - all in one reporting method! This single and easy to produce report will unlock the data and help improve your overall inventory performance. Learn More
  10. Business Math for Parts Managers

    DCE3 Business Math for Parts Managers


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: Mike Nicholes
    Original Air Date:
    Program Length: 1 hour 26 minutes

    The times demand that Parts Managers, General Managers, CFOs and Dealers know how to analyze their parts business to effectively forecast and plan net profit improvements. Set aside 90 minutes to spend with Mike Nicholes as he takes you step-by-step through the whys and hows of his list of Critical Measurements and Key Indicators. 2009 is a crazy year in the auto dealership business. Not only do you have to contend with the uncertainty of working through difficult economic conditions, now many are wondering if they will survive the cut and still be in business after 2010. Plan for Success! But, if yours is a well-run store, your prospects for survival are already good. Smart dealers and managers are planning right now not only for survival, but the opportunity to win big once the recovery is in full swing. To achieve success in the face of this challenge, you need the analytical tools to guide your decision making. You could just throw some numbers on a spreadsheet and then hope for the best - or - you could do your homework and produce truly meaningful forecasts and business plans. If you would like some help in mastering the math behind the spreadsheets - then an hour or two with Mike Nicholes is what the doctor ordered. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 77 total

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