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  1. Sample Solutions for Building Dealership Email Lists

    DDF1 Sample Solutions for Building Dealership Email Lists 


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenters:  Doug McCrea, President of Acquired Marketing Service and Lisa Cull of Reynolds and Reynolds
    Original Air Date: June 3, 2010
    Program Length: 2 hours

    No one has to convince you that maintaining an accurate email database for your dealership’s customers is important.  That is a given.  The hard part for most dealerships is the acquisition and then maintenance of these lists…so many of your customer records carry no email address at all and many others are outdated.  The entire subject of email capture and maintenance will be on the table. Learn the latest methods for appending high-quality email addresses to your customer records – plus all the dos and don’ts of email database building.  Do this correctly and you will end up with a valuable marketing resource.  Do it poorly and suffer the consequences.
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  2. How One Dealer Saves $150K per year on 3 Common Expense Categories

    DDL1 How One Dealer Saves $150K per year on 3 Common Expense Categories


    (Recorded Webinar)

    Presenter: Doug Austin, President of Performance Management Group (PMG)
    Original Air Date: December 2nd
    Program Length: 1hour 22

    This webinar will provide a road map to savings in these three important expense categories - but it will also provide a basis for changing the purchasing culture in your dealership so that this type of savings can be achieved in many other expense categories as well. Get the specifics on how you are over-spending on credit cards, telcom and credit reports - but also learn the basics of process, training and compliance and how all relate to negotiating for the best competitive price. Get a head start on effective purchasing control and savings in your dealership. Doug Austin is our presenter and his company provides strategic purchasing management training and assistance for over 450 dealerships - of all sizes. He'll teach you how to become one tough negotiator! Learn More
  3. DEG2 Doug Austin: Get a Firm Handle on the 'Costs of Doing Business' with the 5 Expense Levers

    DEG2 Doug Austin: Get a Firm Handle on the 'Costs of Doing Business' with the 5 Expense Levers


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: Doug Austin
    Original Air Date: July 14, 2011
    Program Length: 70 minutes

    Even smaller dealerships can realize reductions of $200-250K per year with a systematic attack on the costs of common supplies and services

    If you write or sign the checks at your dealership for the many “costs of doing business”, then you probably do so hoping that you are not grossly over-paying for these supplies and services necessary for day-to-day operation. You don’t really know – but you hope! Doug Austin is the master at expense evaluation and control and he will show you a 5 Step Process for getting control of the over 100 dealership expense categories that are ripe for reduction. His experience has been that most dealers will save 20-25% of these expenses if you follow his process. Be with us on July 14 as he tells you how.

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  4. DJE1 Doug Austin: Expense Control - How to Benefit with a "Sourcing Plan"

    DJE1 Doug Austin: Expense Control - How to Benefit with a "Sourcing Plan"


    (Recorded Online Workshop)
    Original Air Date: May 7, 2015
    Presenter: Doug Austin, President of Strategic Source - www.dealersedge.com/Austin
    Program Length: 80 Minutes

    Learn how to reduce routine costs of doing business by $1 Million, or more, over 36 months!

    Expense control is not a high priority in many, if not most of today's dealerships. But it should be!

    Your routine areas of expense are indeed controllable and ripe for a systematic review that can result in huge savings over a short period of time. Visit with Doug Austin as he show you how to develop and execute a "Sourcing Plan" that will save you a fortune!

    A Step-by-Step Guide:

    How to get started… development of "The Plan"
    How to set the Strategies that will lead to huge expense reductions
    How to Align the Resources and Tools needed for expense control success
    How to Execute "The Plan" and keep everyone on track for success
    How to Measure, Audit and Report Expense Reduction Success

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