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  1. Hands-On Techniques to Make Your Dealership Website SEO Compliant

    DCD1 Hands-On Techniques to Make Your Dealership Website SEO Compliant


    (Recorded Webinar)
    Presenter: Brian Pasch
    Original Air Date:
    Program Length: 1 hour 58 minutes

    How to update dealership Web sites on platforms like Dealer.com, ADP, XI Group, DealerOn and others - If you are using another platform, submit your vendor and Brian will endeavor to include examples of editing techniques especially for you Even when your vendor does not allow direct access to META data - Brian will demonstrate how to create a work order to send to your vendor to update your META data In addition, Brian will demonstrate how these simple changes can help expand your search visibility.

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    Your 90-Day VIP Season Ticket Pass will automatically renew after 90 days at the rate of $298 per quarter unless you contact Member Services at memberservices@dealersedge.com or 800.321.5312 to cancel. There is NO CONTRACT and you can cancel without penalty at any time with no further obligation. Learn More
  2. Final 4 DMS Decision Report …by Sandi Jerome

    BMDR Final 4 DMS Decision Report …by Sandi Jerome


    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF Format Only)

    This Guide helps you discover which “alternative” DMS provider is right for your store- Help in choosing between Autosoft – Arkona – Auto/Mate and ACS! Could save you six figures!

    Can't decide between AutoSoft and Arkona? What is the difference between Auto/Mate and ACS? The most popular 4 "alternative DMS systems" are covered in this report written by DMS expert, Sandi Jerome. Save thousands in consulting fees by using her knowledge of DMS systems and especially these four that are difficult to tell apart.

    * Autosoft - ASI - with top 4 reasons to buy AutoSoft
    * Arkona - with top 4 reasons to buy DealerTrack/Arkona
    * Auto/Mate - with top 4 reasons to buy Auto/Mate
    * ACS - with top 4 reasons to buy ACS

    One of these systems could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars!
    Contents of the 36+ Page Report:

    * Details for each of the top 4 alternative systems include price ranking
    * Top 10 reasons you might need to stay on ADP or R+R
    * Tips to prepare & survive the conversion
    * List of all the DMS providers and their rank as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Learn More
  3. DKD1 Jim Flint: How to Increase Sales and Profits from CPO Vehicles

    DKD1 Jim Flint: How to Increase Sales and Profits from CPO Vehicles

    Regular Price: $97.00

    Special Discount Price: $0.00

    Online Workshop!
    Air Date: Thursday April 7, 2016 at 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific
    Featuring: Jim Flint
    Program Length: 60 Minutes

    How technology can help beat the competition in Certified Pre-Owned Market

    The importance of the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) business is undeniable. But as we all know by now, because of Internet-based selling platforms, used vehicles are no longer unique… they have become a commodity. And winning against the competition for these sales has more to do with getting to the customer quickly, with more impact and at the right market-determined price.

    Visit with Jim Flint as he reveals some technology nuggets that can help you compete successfully for CPO customers and sales.

    Key Presentation Takeaways:

    Utilize technology to yield improved visibility and profits
    Set up a VDP Filter (Vehicle Detail Page) through Google Analytics
    How to dynamically showcase CPO inventory on Google
    Utilize VDP enhancements through inventory images
    Reset the market's bottom pricing each week
    …and the "Dirty Little Secret" about CPO

    You can upgrade your Webinar or Recording purchase to a single-person 1-year subscription, allowing you full NO-ADDED CHARGE access to all future Live Webinars (45+ per yr) and our online library of over 160 Recordings of past programs. For just $400 more than the price of this program, you get it all for a period of one year! That is a total of just $497 for your single-person subscription (Season Ticket) including this program. You are free to cancel at any time during the first six months and receive a refund of the additional $400 paid for this upgrade - for any reason! Learn More

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