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  1. DFHB Steve Kwiatkowski: The $100K Payoff: Automated Service Lane Presentation Systems

    DFHB Steve Kwiatkowski: The $100K Payoff: Automated Service Lane Presentation Systems


    FREE! Recorded Webinar
    Presenter: Steve Kwiatkowski of Liqqid Express
    Original Air Date: August 14th, 2012

    Auto dealers know that a consistent sales process in the showroom is necessary for success! No less so in the Service Drive!

    Find out how using an automated online and interactive menu system can help you boost service sales and profits without adding one new customer!

    How can your service department create the consistent selling process that is so often in evidence in the showroom?

    System-selling guru, Steve Kwiatkowski of Liqqid Express will update you with real-life examples of dealerships employing new technology tools to impressively increase sales of maintenance packages and other high-profit products.

    Meet some of the dealers and service managers as they tell you just how their success was achieved.

    You will learn:
    How other dealerships have improved sales and profits by employing an automated, online service lane selling processes
    How much additional volume and profit the average service advisor can bring to the table by getting more system into their selling
    How the consultative approach to service lane selling helps to build long-term customer relationships and repeat sales of service, aftersale products and even more vehicles
    The psychology of selling from a menu and why it works to everyone's benefit
    How to seize the huge opportunity on your Service Drive! Learn More

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